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        ? 2017 Shanghai Sunny Technology Co., Ltd. 滬ICP備09000838號-2 Power:www.300.cn



        Shanghai Sunny New Technology Development Co.,Ltd.

        Shanghai Sunny Technology Co.,Ltd.




        Address: No.3078 Humin Road,201108,P.R.Shanghai

        • 1212

        Career development in SH Sunny

        Technology: Assistant Engineer-Development Engineer-Senior Engineer-Research Specialist

        Management: basic function post - Professional Manager

        Project management: Project Manager Project Manager

        We also provide employees with cross sectoral career opportunities and career opportunities, more than 80% of senior management personnel through internal training and selection

        Growing up in SH Sunny

        Graduates: the company has two stages, first stage of internship, internship, regardless of occupation direction, with R & D Engineer Assistant to the identity of the practice in the research and development department, during the internship period of 1-3 months, you can according to the wishes of the individual and the company, to determine their own occupation direction, the company will arrange the second stages of practice until graduation.


        In sunny, you will have the opportunity to receive mentoring and colleagues to share, learn to go to multi-channel rotation, well-known training institutions training and introduction of teachers training and learning opportunities, improve their professional skills and occupation accomplishment, enrich their occupation breadth and depth.