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        ? 2017 Shanghai Sunny Technology Co., Ltd. 滬ICP備09000838號-2 Power:www.300.cn



        Shanghai Sunny New Technology Development Co.,Ltd.

        Shanghai Sunny Technology Co.,Ltd.




        Address: No.3078 Humin Road,201108,P.R.Shanghai

        • 1212



        In practice, and you will have the opportunity to participate in and support an elite team daily work, receive mentoring and share and training courses, from understanding and experience of the company's work environment and culture, learning professional skills and work processes, and to establish a wide network of relationships with managers and other interns. Through the practice of training to enhance your self-confidence, in practice, the use and development of their knowledge and ability to further clarify and improve their career planning.

        We offer three different directions for undergraduate and graduate students:

        Business direction: marketing:

        Technical direction: R & d:

        Functional management: production, procurement, equipment, quality, etc.:

        Basic Requirements

        Love of modified engineering plastics industry

        Corporate culture and valuesCorporate culture and values

        College degree or above in related majors

        Self confidence, self-discipline and self motivation

        Willing to start from basic things and help others

        Able to work full-time for more than 2 months

        During the internship pay: Master 120 yuan / day, undergraduate ¥80 / day

        Please send your resume to: [email protected]

        Please be sure to indicate the name of the message: the name of the professional, you can practice the time section